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Annual Fund

Like most independent schools, St. Paul's Episcopal School's operating expenses exceed the revenue from tuition and fees.  As a non-profit, educational institution, we depend on our parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends for voluntary support.  All families are asked to contribute to the Pacer Pride Annual Fund that helps balance our operating budget.  Unlike tuition, all annual fund contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law!

What is the Pacer Pride Annual Fund?

  • It is by far the single most important fundraising effort for St. Paul's Episcopal School each year.
  • The Pacer Pride Annual Fund provides real dollars to pay for real expenses in the year that this money is raised.  Gifts made to the Annual Fund directly benefit the students, faculty, staff, and the entire St. Paul's community in real time.  The intent of your gift is realized immediately!
  • Unlike tuition, gifts to the Pacer Pride Annual Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

When is the St. Paul's Pacer Pride Annual Fund each year?

  • The Pacer Pride Annual Fund runs each year beginning July 1 through the following June 30 (the school's fiscal year).

How Can I Make an Annual Fund Gift?

  • Through our secure, Online Giving Form using your credit/debit card or e-check.
  • By phone, call Jenny Peel, Director of Advancement at 254.753.0246
  • Checks should be made payable to St. Paul's Episcopal School and sent directly to the attention of the Advancement Office (St. Paul's Episcopal School, 517 Columbus Avenue, Waco, TX, 76701)
  • Pledge - Donors may contact the Advancement Office to "pledge" to the Annual Fund in the fall to be paid out however you wish throughout the school year.  You can pledge to make a gift of any amount and pay it once or in several installments.  
  • Additional giving methods include memorial gifts and honorariums, gifts of stock, bequests, and more!  Contact the Advancement Office for more information on personalized giving opportunities!

Who Gives to the Pacer Pride Annual Fund?

  • The entire St. Paul's community supports the Annual Fund.  Faculty and staff are the first to give to the Pacer Pride Annual Fund and have an excellent tradition of 100% participation.  Members of the Board of Trustees and Vestry also wholeheartedly support the Annual Fund as well.  We need YOUR help to reach out Pacer Pride Annual Fund goal, and we simply cannot do it without contribution from each and every member of our school community!

What Should I Give to the Annual Fund?

  • Pacer Pride Annual Fund gifts typically range from $50 to over $10,000 and every family is depending on to give to the best of their ability.  The education of your children is very important, and we hope you put St. Paul's at the top of your philanthropic giving.  Each and every single gift is tremendously appreciated!

Will People Know I Gave to the Pacer Pride Annual Fund?

If desired, you may request that your gift remain anonymous and not included in any donor recognition efforts.  St. Paul's Episcopal School may occasionally publish gift giving levels so the actual dollar amount that you gave is not listed.  Those Giving Levels include:
  • Patron Founders Circle: $25,000+
  • Gold Founders Circle: $10,000+
  • Trustee Founders Circle: $5,000+
  • Head of School Founders Circle: $2,500+
  • 1956 Founders Circle: $1,956+
  • Founders Club: $1,000+
  • Partners Club: $500+
  • Spirit Club: $250+
  • Blue & White Club: $100+
  • Pacers Club: up to $99